Warehouse & Commercial Cleaning Examples

Warehouse & Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & the Gold Coast

We are a team of professional pressure cleaners who love to clean and make our customers happy!

Warehouse cleaning and commercial properties. Warehouse and commercial and industrial properties are often huge premises, as a result they need frequent cleaning to keep them dust and cluster free.  We will provide you with a  professional cleaning resource resulting in a quality result at affordable prices!

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning offers a complete range of  warehouse, commercial and industrial cleaning services including  large floor warehouse cleaning. We are experts in handling all type of factory and warehouse cleaning. Big jobs or smaller jobs.

We use specialised commercial pressure cleaning equipment, combined with our well trained staff as a result we do the job right every time.

The Right Equipment!

We have separate vacuums for collecting wet and dry waste, therefore reducing the risk cross contamination. Waste is then removed with high performance vacuum machines.  Our cleaning personnel are highly experienced and well trained and know the right equipment and tools for the cleaning job. We will clean and maintain your warehouse on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis, or just a one off clean, we price our jobs to suit you, our customer. Our commercial pressure cleaning equipment achieves high standards of cleaning every time as a result we have many satisfied customers.

The Right Staff

Our staff are professional, reliable and trustworthy and are experts when it comes to warehouse cleaning services.

The Right Cleaning Products

 We only use Eco friendly cleaning products.

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning offers customised factory cleaning services to suit the size and nature of the cleaning job. We will prepare a budget to suit your business needs.

So why not call us today on 0422814168 or fill out the below form for a free quote, we service Brisbane, Ipswich Logan & the Gold Coast.


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