Concrete Cleaning Ipswich


Concrete Cleaning Ipswich

Bring back the original look of your concrete with our professional concrete cleaning services.

Restore the look of your concrete surfaces with our professional concrete cleaning services.

Waterworx has been providing concrete cleaning across the Ipswich for over two decades, so we can get the job done quickly and efficiently. No matter how dirty your concrete floor and surface is, our technicians can clean it thoroughly and make it look like new again. Dirt, oil stains, grime and mould are no match for our high pressure concrete cleaning techniques – whatever’s tarnishing your concrete, we’ll get it out!

We offer both private and commercial concrete cleaning on the Ipswich, administered by a team of experienced concrete cleaners capable of handling any type of property. Aside from homes and other residential properties, we also specialise in commercial properties, building sites, carparks, factories and shopping centres.

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Concrete Cleaning Ipswich, Painting & Sealing

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Concrete Cleaning Ipswich knows concrete cleaning can be a big job and one not recommended for the average DIY’er.

Concrete looks great when new and is very cost effective when laying very large areas for car parks & large driveways, that’s probably why there is always so much of it around to clean.

Concrete cleaning large areas can be daunting & very time consuming! Because of its light colour, concrete can become very unsightly very quickly with humid moist conditions. Concrete is usually very porous and harbours moisture and dirt promoting the growth of mould ( the black colour you see ).  High pressure cleaning alone usually will not bring back concrete back to its original appearance. At Waterworx Pressure Cleaning we use a special chemical treatment in conjunction with the pressure cleaning process. This brings concrete back as good as new!

At Waterworx Pressure Cleaning Concrete cleaning in Ipswich is straight forward. We have the right power washing equipment.  We also have the right environmentally friendly surfactants. These are concrete cleaning chemicals, and when used with high pressure cleaning, is the only sure means of restoring your concrete.

Concrete cleaning can be a big job and requires specific expertise, so before trying this yourself, at the very least discuss your concrete cleaning with the experts at Waterworx Pressure Cleaning and Concrete Cleaning Ipswich.

If all of this is starting to sound like anything but fun, then you are starting to get the picture of what it takes to clean concrete. That is why it’s better to avoid this type of DIY project. You will save time and money and a whole lot of anguish by talking to us.

So if you need concrete cleaning please contact the guys at Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Concrete Cleaning Ipswich who are properly equipped and have the experience and training to do the job and save you the time and effort.

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Concrete Cleaning Ipswich will give you the results you are after!

Whether you have concrete paths, concrete driveways or concrete walls we can remove the build up dirt, grime, mould and oil stains transforming them to look like new again!
We also specialise in commercial concrete cleaning especially for commercial buildings, carparks, shopping centres, factories and building sites!

Cleaning concrete periodically will extend the length of its service life and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Due to its chemical makeup, concrete is a more difficult material to keep clean, as dirt and grime are not always perceptible. That’s where concrete pressure cleaning comes in.

Is all concrete equal?

Concrete is a porous material, meaning that it holds dirt well and is usually a difficult material to clean.

There are several different ways to clean concrete, dependent upon the type of surface. Each different surface, whether they are exterior slab, floors, counter tops, or walls, requires a different procedure for cleaning.

It is important to be cautious, as the wrong approach to cleaning can lead to ruin for the surface of your concrete.

Treating each concrete surface as a different material will positively affect the outcome of your cleaning method.

What’s the best way to clean concrete?

Hiring professional cleaners for power washing is the cleaning method that will deliver you the best results. Professional cleaners utilize alkaline de-greasers, which are capable of emulsifying oil, grease, and dirt. After the application of the de-greaser, then comes power washing. This flushes out both the dirt and the soap, leaving your concrete surface spotless.

It’s vital to hire a service provider with concrete pressure cleaning expertise.

This will prevent personal  injury and damage to your property.

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Concrete Cleaning Ipswich, have been national leading experts on concrete pressure cleaning for over two decades. We train out technicians to clean with the efficiency and speed, to give you a great cleaning result, with the best and friendliest customer service.

Please complete the FREE quote form below. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the best options for your next concrete pressure cleaning. Alternatively call 0422 814 168 7 am-7 pm M-F.

Stephen BurtonStephen Burton
04:18 30 May 23
Responds to phone calls and emails and is easy to work with
01:12 16 Aug 21
Can’t recommend Waterworx highly enough. Would give them six stars if that was an option. Friendly, professional, and amazing attention to detail. Will definitely book them again next time my roof needs cleaning.
James MJames M
00:36 09 Sep 20
Excellent service, highly recommended.
Aaron BlackmoreAaron Blackmore
10:25 19 Dec 19
After having an issue with the first roof cleaner not turning up, we called Scott and he was really responsive to the situation. Despite being really busy he committed to getting to us within the week, which was great because we were getting solar installed and needed to get the roof cleaned ASAP. The young guy that turned up to do the job was great (I think his name was Matt), really efficient, polite and did a fabulous job - the roof was filthy after not having been cleaned for 10 years, it is sparkling now.Thanks Scott and team, definitely recommend this business.
Kate TargatoKate Targato
08:04 13 Jan 19
I googled Waterworx for cleaning my tiled roof. Scott got back to me with a quote in no time and advised of the best solution. I could not believe this is the same roof. Reliable and reasonable priced services. Highly recommended.
Katherine RawsonKatherine Rawson
20:58 12 Feb 17
Waterworx pressure cleaning is a fantastic company and Scott did a great job of cleaning my roof. He was also friendly polite and professional. I will definitely be returning here for any future jobs that need doing around my home. I highly recommend others to this won,t be disappointed !
Sonu VrSonu Vr
04:50 28 Jan 17
I wanted my roof cleaned and I did a lot of research before confirming with these guys and I wasnt disappointed at all. I found them to be reliable, honest, punctual and very reasonably priced. They did not try to oversell me any unnecessary services, like others did and the roof looks brand new. Very happy with the job.

Our Pressure Cleaning Services

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Residential Exterior House Washing Services

Restore your home's pristine appearance with Waterworx's thorough pressure cleaning services. As Ipswich premier commercial pressure cleaning and house washing company, we specialise in rejuvenating all exterior surfaces of your residential building, ensuring it looks completely revitalised.

Commercial Pressure Washing & Cleaning

At Waterworx, we're equipped to handle jobs of all sizes! Whether it's a small shopfront or a large industrial site, we specialise in delivering comprehensive cleaning services that leave your property spotless in no time.

Roof Cleaning & Roof Pressure Washing

Benefit from Waterworx's specialised roof cleaning services, utilizing special treatments, soft washing techniques, and manufacturer-preferred detergents to ensure thorough cleaning without compromising your roof's integrity. Our services effectively remove moss, eliminate lichen, and prevent tile deterioration while minimising the risk of water damage.

Timber Deck Pressure Cleaning & Oiling

Revitalise your timber decks with Waterworx's specialised, durable paint, and stain coatings. Our gentle chemical treatment rejuvenates the timber, followed by two coats of top-quality decking oil or stain for lasting protection and a refreshed look.

Concrete Pressure Cleaning, Sealing or Painting

Enhance your property’s appeal and longevity with Waterworx’s concrete and driveway cleaning services. Our high-pressure cleaning techniques effectively eliminate dirt and grime, revitalising surfaces and increasing property value.

Residential or Commercial Graffiti Removal

Effortlessly eliminate graffiti and unwanted marks from your property with Waterworx's affordable graffiti removal services. Using advanced pressure washing techniques, we ensure thorough removal from walls, sidewalks, signs, and fences, maintaining your property's cleanliness and functionality.

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Bring back the original look of your stunning house or commercial property with our professional pressure cleaning services.

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