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Get your roof looking like new again with Roof Cleaning

We use special treatments, soft washing techniques and manufacturer-preferred detergents to clean your roof without damaging it. Our roof cleaning services will remove moss, eliminate lichen and prevent tile deterioration while minimising the risk of water damage.

We use proper soft pressure roof washing techniques to remove all the dirt and contaminants on your roof. We also only use eco-friendly chemical treatments for mould and lichen, removing it completely without all the nasty side-effects.

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane is the highest-rated professional commercial pressure cleaning, roof cleaning & exterior house washing company in South East Queensland. We’re certified by the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA), so you can rest assured knowing you’ll always have certified professionals working with you.

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Here are a few examples of our roof cleaning work in Brisbane

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Roof Cleaning examples

Make Your Roof Spotless With Waterworx Roof Cleaning Brisbane

Using high pressure when cleaning your roof is a messy process and can cause your roof to leak. Instead, we at Waterworx Roof Cleaning Brisbane chemical wash your roof using low pressure and environmentally friendly soaps and surfactants.

Cement roof tiles do not fare so well when pressure cleaned. High pressure cleaning on cement tiles will take a lot of the colour out of tiles. Our trusted soft washing method will leave the colour in your roof tiles. Similarly, with newer roof tiles, the cleaning process will clean the tile, and the colour will not be affected.

Modern tiles will withstand the weather much better than older tiles.  If your tiles are 15 – 20 years old, the colour will have faded slightly and once cleaned of the build-up of dirt, lichen, mould and moss, they may need to be re-coated.

Why We Beat the Competition Roof Washing in Brisbane

We offer a level of professionalism and customer service that you won’t find with other roof cleaning contractors. We’ll show up when we say we will and treat your family and your home with respect.

When talking with our competitors, ask them if they offer all the things that we do:

  • a multi million-dollar insurance policy
  • professional equipment
  • a no-pressure cleaning system
  • clean-cut and polite personnel
  • an owner on site for every job

Do you really want somebody up on your expensive roof who might not even be insured or a jack-of-all-trades who blasts away at your fragile tiles & ridge capping with a power washer?

Roof Clean Before & After Brisbane

Roof Cleaning Brisbane Using Soft Wash Technology

At Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Roof Cleaning Brisbane, we recommend a soft wash solution. Our advanced chemical soft washing method cleans roofs effortlessly while also avoiding water damage.

With our soft pressure washing method that uses an environmentally safe chemical mixture, all mould and growths will be removed, and your roof will be completely clean in no time.

We do not recommend high pressure cleaning when cleaning roofs in Brisbane, as this has the potential to cause damage. High pressure cleaning will potentially damage roof tiles and force water under tiles into the roof cavity. This can result in severe damage to internal ceilings and create an environment for mould growth.

All of our chemically washed roofs come with a 3 year warranty.

  • Environmentally safe chemical mixture used
  • Avoid damage resulting from high pressure cleaning
  • Prevent mould growth
  • Retain colour on cement and newer roof tiles
  • 3 year warranty

After our treatment, you’ll be amazed by how great your roof looks, and your neighbours will probably appreciate it, too! Roof cleaning is one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to instantly sharpen the look of your property and add value to your home.

Stephen BurtonStephen Burton
04:18 30 May 23
Responds to phone calls and emails and is easy to work with
01:12 16 Aug 21
Can’t recommend Waterworx highly enough. Would give them six stars if that was an option. Friendly, professional, and amazing attention to detail. Will definitely book them again next time my roof needs cleaning.
James MJames M
00:36 09 Sep 20
Excellent service, highly recommended.
Aaron BlackmoreAaron Blackmore
10:25 19 Dec 19
After having an issue with the first roof cleaner not turning up, we called Scott and he was really responsive to the situation. Despite being really busy he committed to getting to us within the week, which was great because we were getting solar installed and needed to get the roof cleaned ASAP. The young guy that turned up to do the job was great (I think his name was Matt), really efficient, polite and did a fabulous job - the roof was filthy after not having been cleaned for 10 years, it is sparkling now.Thanks Scott and team, definitely recommend this business.
Kate TargatoKate Targato
08:04 13 Jan 19
I googled Waterworx for cleaning my tiled roof. Scott got back to me with a quote in no time and advised of the best solution. I could not believe this is the same roof. Reliable and reasonable priced services. Highly recommended.
Katherine RawsonKatherine Rawson
20:58 12 Feb 17
Waterworx pressure cleaning is a fantastic company and Scott did a great job of cleaning my roof. He was also friendly polite and professional. I will definitely be returning here for any future jobs that need doing around my home. I highly recommend others to this won,t be disappointed !
Sonu VrSonu Vr
04:50 28 Jan 17
I wanted my roof cleaned and I did a lot of research before confirming with these guys and I wasnt disappointed at all. I found them to be reliable, honest, punctual and very reasonably priced. They did not try to oversell me any unnecessary services, like others did and the roof looks brand new. Very happy with the job.

Our Pressure Cleaning Brisbane Services

House washing gold coast

Residential Exterior House Washing Services

Transform your home into a pristine sanctuary with our expert pressure cleaning and soft washing services in Brisbane. Waterworx stands as the premier choice for commercial pressure cleaning and house washing in the region.

Commercial Pressure Washing & Cleaning

At Waterworx, no task is beyond our capabilities, whether it's a compact shopfront or a sprawling industrial complex. We specialise in pressure cleaning in Brisbane, catering to properties of all sizes.

Roof Cleaning & Roof Pressure Washing

At Waterworx, we employ specialised treatments, soft washing techniques, and manufacturer-preferred detergents to ensure gentle yet effective cleaning of your roof. Our priority is to preserve the integrity of your roof while removing moss, eliminating lichen, and preventing tile deterioration.

Timber Deck Pressure Cleaning & Oiling

Fortify your timber decks with our specialised and durable paint and stain coatings. Our process begins with a gentle chemical treatment to cleanse and rejuvenate your timber deck. We then apply two coats of top-quality decking oil or stain, ensuring long-lasting protection and a refreshed appearance.

Concrete Pressure Cleaning, Sealing or Painting

Enhance your property's appearance and longevity with our concrete cleaning and driveway cleaning services. Utilising high-pressure cleaning techniques, we thoroughly remove dirt and grime, revitalising surfaces and boosting curb appeal.

Residential or Commercial Graffiti Removal

Effortlessly rid your walls of graffiti and unwanted marks with our cost-effective graffiti removal services. Utilising high-pressure cleaning techniques, we effectively eliminate graffiti from walls, sidewalks, signs, and fences, restoring the pristine look of your property.

Why Choose Waterworx?


Leave your biggest investment in the hands of our trained and fully certified technicians. Learn more about our certifications.

Work Guarantee

If you’re not happy with our work, we will do everything we can to fix it and make it right!

Fully Licensed

We are fully licensed and insured for your complete peace of mind.

Competitive Rates

No need to pay for overpriced cleaning and maintenance. Save money while getting the best results with Waterworx.

Nonsense Free

We always discuss your needs and provide realistic timelines and expectations of our work.

Enjoy the Benefits of Professional Roof Cleaning and Roof Washing

Restore the look of your roof

Make your roof look new again with professional roof cleaning. By stripping away years of dirt and grime from the surface, we can restore your roof’s original appearance so it will look as beautiful as it did on its first day.

Remove nasty mould.

Professional roof washing in Brisbane can remove mould and prevent it from growing on your roof. It can also help prevent the regrowth of lichen and algae by killing its spores, which can often grow back within 12 months if left untreated.

Maintain the lifespan of your roof.

Keep your roof strong and long-lasting by ensuring it’s free from trapped dirt, debris or mould, which could weaken your roof and affect its function.

Roof Cleaning for All Types of Roofs

We offer roof cleaning and soft roof washing services for different types of roofs, including:

3-Year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This CLEAN ROOF guarantee is our NO BULL approach to maintaining your satisfaction.

Year 1: If any algae stains or lichen build up returns within the 1st year, we will remove it free of charge, no questions asked.

Year 2: If any algae stains or lichen (not dirt/grime) returns within the 2nd year, we will spot treat it free of charge, no questions asked.

Year 3: If any algae stains or lichen (not dirt/grime) return during the 3rd year after your roof clean, we will offer a re-service for only 50% of your original invoice amount.

This 3-year guarantee applies only when the entire roof has been treated.

Poor conditions can vastly increase the chance of mould growth on your roof. If many trees hanging over your roof, we will draw your attention to this. Overhanging trees make it more likely for your roof to need further treatments.

Our guarantee is for three years, but you’ll be glad to know that the effect of our roof cleaning can last up to 10 years (depending on the elements).

Roof Cleaning Brisbane FAQ

We only use soft pressure washers for our roof cleaning and roof washing services, which we combine with eco-friendly chemicals cleaners. This ensures a thorough but no-pressure application on your roof that’s safer for your family, pets, and plants.

Those black areas on your roof are airborne mould. Roof stains are an indication that your tiles are being eaten, which could shorten the lifespan of your roof. If left untreated, this mould build-up could decrease your roof’s reflective properties, which then puts more strain on your air conditioner and increases your energy costs. Black streaks on your roof are also unsightly, which could affect your home’s appeal and market value.

Our two-person team can clean most average-sized residential roofs in four hours or less.

The short answer is no. Although we use chemical cleaners, we always see to it that your plants and landscaping are rinsed down before, during, and after application. This ensures any over-spray will be diluted if they hit your plants.

In many cases, you can expect your roof to stay clean and beautiful for at least five years before the algae become noticeable again. However, it’s also common to find that professional non-pressure cleaning can keep a roof clean for up to seven years before requiring another service.

We do not recommend partial roof cleanings, and these DO NOT come with our guarantee.

That’s because mould and algae often aren’t visible when they’re growing, and they’re likely in parts of your roof that aren’t exposed to sunlight. They will, however, come out eventually. The only way to make sure that your roof is completely free from mould or algae is to treat it entirely.

We offer a level of professionalism and personalisation that you won’t find easily in our industry. We always work on time and with full respect for your family, home, and neighbours. We’re also fully insured roof experts who only use professional and specialised roof cleaning equipment. Don’t risk leaving your roof with uninsured contractors who don’t have the experience and expertise to handle your roof with care. Leave your roof in the hands of professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

No. We will inspect your roof and email or call you with a quote.

No, you don’t have to be home for the cleaning. But we do recommend putting your pets inside and ensuring all doors and windows are closed and locked. For access, we can unlock any gates (with your permission) and move vehicles into the garage or out into the street. We will need to use your tap during the process, so please make sure that we’ll have access to it.

Yes, we offer other types of exterior cleaning. This includes house washing, driveway cleaning, concrete cleaning, timber deck washing, and more. Just let us know what other exterior parts of your home needs cleaning, and we’ll let you know what we can do.

Because every roof is different, we can only provide and commit to a quote after inspecting your home. A variety of factors can affect the price, including the size of your roof, its condition, the pitch, and any perimeter obstacles. Call today at 0422814168 or send us a message through our contact form below to get a quote.

Bring back the original look of your stunning house or commercial property with our professional pressure cleaning services.

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