Brick & Paver Cleaning Services

We can remove all the weeds growing in between your pavers.

Brick and paver cleaning can be very labour intensive. The very rough nature of Brick and paversis such that not only do you have a porous material but to compound the matter you also have joints at every edge allowing the ingress of all sort of debris including water. This creates a perfect environment for the germination of algae and weeds. This unfortunately completely ruins the appearance of your beautiful paved driveway or entertaining area.

If you haven’t ever tried to clean brick pavers before, then make sure you get the proper pressure cleaning equipment and treatment for brick paver cleaning. If you don’t, you will quickly find out that non-commercial pressure cleaners won’t remove built-up dirt and grime. Weeds are also difficult to remove and if you don’t use a special treatment in conjunction with the pressure cleaning you will find that the moss, algae and weeds will return almost right before your eyes. The work rate of small pressure cleaners will just not do the job and will have you there for days.

This is where professional paver cleaners and equipment make the difference and make it easy to achieve great results.

Don’t waste your time trying to get the results only a professional like Waterworx Pressure Cleaning Brick and Paver Cleaning can achieve. We have all the gear and the experience to make your paving come to life once again.

Pressure Cleaning New Brickwork / Specialty Brick Cleaning

New brick work usually needs to be brick cleaned at some stage after being laid. The sooner the bricks are cleaned the easier the brick cleaning process is. Hydrochloric acid is used in this process to break down cement mortar residue left by the brick laying process. Some brick layers are messy and leave large amounts of cement  over the new bricks making the brick cleaning process very time consuming. Some brick layers also use too much cement in the mortar mix. This makes the mortar very hard also makes the cleaning process difficult.

Inexperienced brick cleaning contractors can burn the bricks “leaving them yellow.  Particularly if their knowledge of light coloured bricks  is limited. Brick cleaning is tricky and choosing the wrong contractor can be fatal for the appearance of your home. Waterworx Pressure Cleaning  Brick and Paver Cleaning is experienced in all aspects of brick and paver cleaning. Choose Waterworx Pressure Cleaning and Brick and Paver Cleaning if you would like your new bricks to look the way they should.

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Ask us about information on penetrating sealer for specialty pavers.


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