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Waterworx Provide Professional Timber Deck Cleaning Services.

We’ve cleaned hundreds of houses throughout Brisbane & South East Queensland, so you can be sure we can take care of yours no matter how dirty it is.

Timber decks have become a very popular, low-cost way to add living space to a home and provide a great space to relax, entertain friends, or enjoy outdoor dining. Like all timber surfaces, they need to be properly maintained.

Timber decks and the coatings applied are subject to the damaging effects of weather, it is important to have your deck cleaned and oiled on a regular basis. So proper maintenance and sealing of your timber deck is essential for your home.

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Restore the Look and Beauty of your Timber Deck with Professional Timber Deck Cleaning

A poorly maintained timber deck quickly turns grey in colour as it deteriorates due to the high level of ultra violet light (UV) dirt, mould, and algae. When this happens the timber deck becomes dry and will splinter creating a rougher surface even more inviting to dirt and grime and mould. This will also enable the timber to rot.

To prevent timber deck deterioration keep your deck well maintained and treated with a professional grade decking stain or wood deck sealing product that has been applied properly. Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Timber Deck Cleaning Brisbane will restore your deck to look like new again. The work will be done correctly and comes with a 3 year warranty, providing years of future enjoyment.

Why Choose Waterworx?

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning has long been the top choice for pressure cleaning in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan. Here’s why:

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Leave your biggest investment in the hands of our trained and fully certified technicians. Learn more about our certifications.

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We always discuss your needs and provide realistic timelines and expectations of our work.

Here are a few examples of our professional timber deck cleaning work in Brisbane

timber deck oiling Ipswich
timber deck cleaning Ipswich
Timber Deck Cleaning and Sealing

Why Choose Waterworx for Your Timber Deck Cleaning in Brisbane?

Before you purchase a timber sealer from your local home improvement store, you should know that sealing the deck is only one part of what it takes to do the job properly. Before deck stains or sealers are applied, the wood needs to be thoroughly pressure cleaned with environmentally friendly bio degradable cleaning products.

This is needed to remove the dirt, grime, and soil that has been embedded deep into the wood’s grain. For most homeowners (and inexperienced professionals), using a pressure cleaner on timber can be very difficult.

It is very easy to damage your deck inadvertently so if in doubt call the professionals at Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & timber Deck Cleaning Brisbane today on 0422 814 168 and ask for a free quote. This could save you hours of wasted work and a ruined deck!

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Timber Deck Cleaning Brisbane FAQ

Most weatherproofing should last at least 12 months. If your deck gets excessive sun (dryness) or no sun at all (mildew), you may need to service it more often. If you use a good decking oil and your deck gets a good balance of sun and shade, it could last up to two years.

All woods are different, some decks are ready to be treated immediately, and some must wait up to 2-3 months.  Most damage to a deck happens quickly, so evaluate your deck in a timely fashion so that irreparable damage is not done.

This is an easy one. Unless you are in love with the darker color, go with the transparent stain that has just a little added colour pigment.

If you go with a dark semi-transparent or solid stain, it is very difficult to go back to a transparent product. Transparent stains that bring out the natural grain of the timber look better for longer.

Remember that the lighter the finish the lesser the protection.  Transparent finishes that are truly clear last only 6-12 months.  100% Transparent finishes with pigment such as Cabot’s Clear Solution suggest re coating every 24 months.

Semi-transparent or Semi-Solid Stains typically last 3-4 years.  Solid Stains typically last from 3-5 years .  The darker the colour with all products, the longer it takes the sun to fade it.  The lighter colours do fade more quickly.

The transparent finishes show 100% of the grain.  Semi-transparent and Semi-solid products show 35-75% of the grain.  Solids cover all grain and can be custom matched.

The horizontal surfaces of the deck receive more harsh elements than the vertical surfaces.

Decks do not necessarily have to bead up to be well protected. All of our products are rated very highly by Consumer Reports, which is the best indication of excellent protection. In fact, some of the lowest ranked products bead up the most!

Typically oil based finishes dry to the touch within a few hours and can be walked on in 24-48 hours after curing.  Latex finishes typically dry within 2-3 hours and need a full 48 hours to cure.  You would be amazed at how quickly oil finishes set.  Often passing showers do not effect these finishes after application.

Every deck should be washed before oiling  or staining. All lumber especially pressure treated pine contains a chemical commonly known as mill glaze. It protects the wood during the storing in lumberyards. This must be removed prior to oiling or staining to ensure proper adhesion.

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Timber Deck Cleaning Brisbane can remove some of them, but unfortunately the oils penetrate the wood and set in.  We will do our best, but never promise full removal without sanding.

Many composite decks will NEVER need a protective finish.  However, the outside elements such as pollen, moisture and lack of sun exposure can promote mould and growth on the deck.  We typically rinse down composite decks every 1-2 years.

We have a program called re-decking that promotes the use of existing framing of current deck while removing the rails and flooring.  We often convert old splintery decks to maintenance free decks at a discount when we do not need to create a new frame.

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