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Tennis Court Cleaning & Maintenance Ipswich

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Tennis Court Cleaning Ipswich has been rejuvenating and maintaining tennis court surfaces in Ipswich for the past 12 years. Tennis Court Cleaning is our business.

Our Systems has a unique range of cleaning equipment with which will return tennis court surfaces to a new look. A regular maintenance program will ensure you can enjoy your tennis court all year round and further extend the life of the synthetic surface.

Tennis court cleaning services are usually performed to remove the unsightly mould and mildew from the courts and to reduce the potential slip hazard. This cleaning was traditionally performed using pressure washers. However, Waterworx Pressure Cleaning recognizes that tennis courts are delicate and have a specific amount of grit integrated into the surface to affect the quality of play as well as slip resistance for safety purposes. The use of pressure to clean these surfaces not only reduces the service life of the court but also reduces the quality of play. Furthermore, traditional pressure washing techniques result in unsightly pressure cleaner lines affecting the visual appearance of the court. Therefore, Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Tennis Court Cleaning Ipswich has incorporated our professional expertise in non pressure cleaning methods to provide the highest quality tennis court cleaning service available.


Our Soft-wash system removes mould, algae and other stains, to enhance your tennis court while providing a cleaner, safer environment for those using the facilities.Soft washing will last up to 4 times longer than a traditional high pressure cleaning method usually used, creating no damage to the surface and using up to far less water.
Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & tennis court cleaning Ipswich used eco friendly  solutions and the remaining particles are washed away with a low pressure watering system. Our advanced cleaning systems leave you with a clean, solid tennis court, free of surface damage. You can depend on Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & tennis court cleaning Ipswich for high quality results when we clean your tennis court.

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Tennis Court Cleaning Ipswich FAQ

What results can I expect?

  • Increase the life expectancy of your tennis court
  • Restore an even surface to the tennis court
  • Improve the consistency of ball bounces
  • Provide player comfort
  • Enhance the overall appearance of your tennis court and surrounds
  • Reduce slippery surfaces and so improve player safety

When will I be able to start playing on the court again?

Immediately!  The Tennis Court  cleaning solutions are eco friendly and harmless to people and pets  and play can commence as soon as we walk off the court!

How often do tennis courts need maintenance?

Many factors determine the frequency of maintenance required:

  • The type of court
  • Shade and debris from surrounding trees
  • Drainage from surrounding gardens, retainer walls and sloping lawns.
  • The amount of tennis court usage.

Domestic tennis courts require maintenance on average once a year. We recommend an individual maintenance program be designed to protect your investment and keep your court at its peak, both in performance and aesthetic appearance.

Will the process damage the court surface?

No. Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Tennis Court Cleaning Ipswich uses low pressure solutions to kill and remove the mould, dirt and debris from the tennis court and then rinses at low pressure similar to that of a garden hose.

How long does a service take?

Courts in fair condition requiring regular maintenance can take from 4-8 hours. This depends greatly on the condition of the court. Our highly experienced operators will inspect your court and provide a complete quotation highlighting any recommendations. My court has problems with moss and algae due to drainage issues, shaded areas etc. What can I do about this? This is a common situation for court owners.Our operators will carefully inspect your court and surrounds and recommend solutions to overcome these problems. Our rejuvenation process can remove moss and algae and we are also able to apply solutions which can greatly inhibit the regrowth of these contaminants. This environmentally-friendly formula will not adversely affect other plants, shrubs or wildlife.

How can I reduce the cost of court maintenance?

Regular maintenance will allow you to utilize your court week in week out before It is subject to many environmental and usage conditions that can result in significant damage to the surface. Waterworx Pressure Cleaning can recommend specific tasks that can be carried out by the owners to help reduce maintenance issues.

Our Tennis Court Cleaning Procedures

1.  We begin by clearing your tennis court of any leafs, debris or any other materials and disposing of these in the appropriate waste container.

2.  Apply a biodegradable detergent to the surface of the tennis court. The product is non-toxic and helps break down dirt, grime, mould and other contaminants on your tennis court.

3.  Use our whirl-a-way surface cleaner to clean the surface. The device provides an even ‘streak-free’ result.

4.  Clean all of the areas that were inaccessible to the whirl-a-way using our high pressure cleaning lance/gun. If required, we can clean any retaining walls that surround your tennis court.

5.  We thoroughly rinse the surface to ensure that all traces of dirt and grime are removed from the court.

6.  We then apply an anti mould treatment to the tennis court surface to prevent the regroth of mould.