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No Roof Cleaning Job is Too Hard.

These roof cleaning examples show high pressure cleaning & chemical soft washing is a new method to clean tough areas, which can be sometimes be difficult to clean and maintain.  A Roof is one of such tough areas. We provide affordable roof cleaning service in Brisbane, Brisbane Western Suburbs, Gold Coast, Ipswich & Logan.

Our Roof Cleaning Methodology

Our methodology of pressure cleaning & soft washing gives remarkable results. The technology is simple, but it requires expertise to deliver scalable results. Our qualified roof cleaners trained to get maximum results will provide you maximum benefits.
By using high pressure water cleaning & soft washing, we can remove any stain, mould, mildew, dirt, etc successful and restore the original look of the roof. Contact us now to learn more about our roof cleaning services.

Roof Cleaning FAQ

What are those black areas on my roof and why should I care?

Black and discoloured areas on your roof is  as a result of airborne mould. Roof stains are an indication that your tiles are quite literally being eaten. This will lead to a shortened lifespan for your expensive roof. If left untreated will be unsightly, and can dramatically tarnish the curb appeal of an otherwise beautiful home. After our treatment you’ll be amazed by how great your roof looks, and your neighbours will probably appreciate it, too! Roof cleaning is one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to instantly sharpen the look of your home and neighborhood.

How would you clean my roof?

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Roof Cleaning Brisbane has a cleaning process involves the no-pressure application of an industry-proven mix of detergents. No power washers are used in the process and is safe for your home, family, pets, and any adjacent landscaping. Most average residential roofs can be cleaned by our two-man team in four hours or less!

Will your detergents kill my plants?

No. The solution we use is a powerful cleaning agent, but we go to great measures to rinse down all plants and grass surrounding the house before, during, and after the application. The result is that any detergent over-spray is completely diluted. You may even notice that your landscaping in these areas looks especially green and vibrant in the days following the cleaning due to all the watering!

How soon after a roof cleaning does the mould return?

Whole roof cleaning comes with a three-year guarantee that your tiles or colourbond will remain algae-free. You can normally expect it to stay clean and beautiful for at least five years before the algae becomes noticeable again. Every situation is a little bit different, and it’s not unusual for a roof to stay clean for seven years or more after a professional non-pressure cleaning.  This guarantee is transferable in the event that you sell your home.

Do you clean roof sections?

Partial roof cleanings are not recommended and DO NOT come with a guarantee.  It’s important to understand that roof algae is not visible to the naked eye in its early stages, so while you may not see it in some areas, it’s most likely already there and beginning to develop.  The growth of algae is slowed in areas that receive maximum sunlight, but eventually it will become visible!  That’s why it’s so important to treat the entire roof surface.

What do you offer that other roof cleaning companies don’t?

We offer a level of professionalism and customer service that you’ll not find with other roof cleaning contractors here is why.

1. We show up when we say we will.
2. We treat your family and your home with care and respect.
3. You will be impressed with a calibre of workmanship that is unsurpassed in the industry.
When talking with our competitors, here are a few things to ask. Do you have multi million-dollar insurance policy? Is your equipment for  professional use? Do you have a no-pressure cleaning system?  Are your staff well trained and supervised? Do you really want somebody up on your expensive roof who might not be insured? Or a jack-of-all-trades who blasts away at your fragile tiles & ridge capping with a power washer? There’s a reason why we’re the dominant player on the South East Roof Cleaning scene: we’re simply the best!

Do I have to be home for the quote or during the cleaning?

No. We can inspect your roof and email you a quote if you’re not home or simple give you a call back. You don’t have to be home for the cleaning. We ask that before you leave bring your pets inside, make sure all doors and windows are closed securely, unlock any gates, and move your vehicles into the garage or out to the street. We will also need to use your tap during the process, so please make sure that we’ll have access.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes. Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Roof Cleaning Brisbane do all types of exterior cleaning including house washing, we can safely remove the mold and mildew from any part of your property with a low-pressure, commercial-grade detergent wash, followed by a low-pressure rinse. We can also clean the mold, mildew, and grime from your concrete sidewalks and driveway with the use of high-quality detergents and professional high pressure surface-cleaning equipment.

How much does it cost?

Every job is different. Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Roof Cleaning Brisbane usually inspect every home’s exterior before committing to a price quote because no roof is exactly the same, and variables like roof size, pitch, perimeter obstacles are all factor into the equation.  We provide free, prompt, no-hassle written quotations, so please call Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Roof Cleaning Brisbane or send a message through our contact form.


See how ‘Meticulous’ takes the risk out of your roof cleaning investment. You can’t lose! Here is a 3 year check list:

1:  If any algae stains or lichen build up return within the 1st year, we will remove it free of charge, no questions asked.
2: If any algae stains or lichen (not dirt/grime) return within the 2nd year, we will spot treat it free of charge, no questions asked.
3: If any algae stains or lichen (not dirt/grime) return during the 3rd year after your roof clean, we will re-service them for only 50% of your original invoice amount.

*Please note, the guarantee applies only when the entire roof is treated. The Guarantee does not cover dirt build up as dirt can collect in any condition including being directly under low lying trees.

What makes our guarantee better?

This CLEAN ROOF guarantee is our NO BULL approach to maintaining your satisfaction. We understand poor conditions can vastly increase the chance of mould growth on your roof, which is what does the damage. Our guarantee is for at least three years, however our roof cleaning can last up to 10 years depending on the elements.

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