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Waterworx High Pressure Cleaning Servicing Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast & Logan welcomes you to the ever expanding world of pressure cleaning, pressure washing, power washing, or whatever you personally know it by. Baby boomers know them by the term Gurney and this current generation knows them by the term Karcher. It seems you can go into almost any retail store and buy yourself an inexpensive small machine that you connect the garden hose and electricity to, and away you go! They can be a fun toy for some people! Getting out on a Saturday, firing up the pressure cleaner and literally looking for things to clean! Paths, driveways, pavers ,fences, pool areas, patios sandstone walls, garage doors, roofs, the garden shed, the car, the neighbour’s car, the outdoor furniture, the deck, the dog kennel, the pool fence, the picket fence out front, the car engine, your shade sails, the garbage bins, the big rock in the garden, and before you know it, it’ll be Sunday.

The biggest problem with these smaller types of Power Washers is the time it actually takes to pressure clean a large area because of the small capacity of these machines. They generally boast high pressure but do so at a very small delivery volume of water. This gives you low overall cleaning power, and the only way to increase your cleaning power is to also increase your delivery volume. This effectively will greatly shorten the time it takes to clean, hence less water will be used & a far better clean. Although it may seem a little complex, an in-depth understanding of this has been the main reason Waterworx High Pressure Cleaning has become a leader in external power washing in the Brisbane & Ipswich areas.

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning uses a refined pressure cleaning system that makes it possible to pressure clean anything and everything external in a minimum amount of time and with little fuss. From multi story buildings down to domestic concrete pathways and house washing. Waterworx High Pressure Cleaning offers cleaning solutions for anything external so call us for a free quote today.

High Pressure Cleaning FAQ

FAQ 1. What type of cleaning do you do?

a. We have the equipment to handle industrial, commercial, marine, Government and of course, heavy domestic cleaning jobs.

FAQ 2. How do you charge?

a. We quote each job on the basis of a number of factors, and from a square metre rate to an hourly or day rate. We inspect your property thoroughly and provide you with a detailed, itemised, no obligation, free up front quote on the spot – emailed straight to your inbox. If you are happy to proceed we can go ahead and immediately arrange a suitable time to get started.

FAQ 3. Do you guarantee your work?

a. Absolutely! If the job is not completed to your satisfaction, you will not have to pay a cent.

FAQ 4. Do you use cold or hot water?

a. Our high pressure cleaning machines have the ability to use both Hot and Cold depending on the best procedure for pressure cleaning a particular job. Our equipment uses water heated to a very high temperature. By using such hot water, combined with very high pressure we are able to remove the most stubborn stains and oil as well as reduce our reliance on harsh chemicals.

FAQ 5. Why should I pressure clean?

a. In the case of commercial premises and Government or Shire owned property, again, regular professional pressure cleaning saves money over time, uses less water and cleaning agents and keeps staff and public areas clean and safe. This is critical to minimising your exposure to risk of Workplace Health and Safety breaches, personal accident and injury claims, and possible steep fines from the Department of Environmental Conservation when trying to clean yourself. In the case of domestic properties, regular, professional pressure cleaning helps to preserve your paintwork. By regularly removing mould and mildew, grease, dust and cobwebs, your property remains cleaner and has a higher curb appeal. If the property is cleaned on a regular basis, it is not such a big job and this saves you money over time, as well as protecting your valuable property. Another bonus; it saves you from doing the hard work! The key word here though is ‘professional’. A pressure cleaner in the hands of someone who is not properly trained can cause untold damage to property. It can strip paintwork, kill plants and grass and even gouge into concrete. So when you are choosing a company to pressure clean your property, you really do need to be sure that their staff are trained to assess the scope of your particular job and apply the correct combination of pressure, temperature and cleaning agents to give you outstanding results.

FAQ 6. How much mess does it make?

a. The idea is that we take away the mess, not create a new one! Our machinery has the capability to recover the water we use, recycle and re-use it, so you are not going to be left with a soggy mess or a hefty fine because wastewater is running from your premises into the drains. This also makes our process ideal for cleaning artificial grass and synthetic outdoor carpets. Traditionally, high-pressure cleaners blast dirt and grit to the surface of such ground coverings but do not actually remove it completely. This means that more mess can be generated than eliminated. Our system completely removes the dirt that is brought to the surface by the water.


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