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Concrete Painting Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Gold Coast.

How about a concrete surface that not only looks clean but beautiful as well? Concrete painting makes a place look great, and also increases its life. A thick layer of paint is applied on the surface to protect it from any damage and also increases its life. We At Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Concrete Painting, are renowned for providing superior concrete painting in West Brisbane at affordable prices. Painting offers excellent functionality, and makes the surface look decorative too. We provide a plethora of designs, colours, and styles to meet your choices and provide you with your expected results. No matter whether it is your home, office area or any commercial ground, we can make them look attractive and welcoming with our concrete painting service.
Our painting service is environmentally friendly and affordable. Feel free to reach us on 0422814168 and schedule a consultation, We service Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich & Logan.

Concrete Painting FAQ

Q . What are the benefits of concrete painting ?
A. Painting allows improved cleaning of the surface

  • Staining is reduced
  • Stains that occur are more easily removed
  • Decorative Driveways should always be sealed

Q. When should it be repainted ?
A. When signs of wear or weathering become apparent flaking , peeling, patch

Q. What colours are there to choose from ?
A. There are large amount to choose from and you will be given a colour chart

Q. How long before I can park on the drive or garage once paint is applied
A. You can walk on it after a few hours but manufacturer insists no parking on it for 5 days as heat in tyres will leave marks on paint.

Q. What is the process of the concrete painting job ?
A. Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Concrete Painting Brisbane start with a high pressure clean to remove any dust and dirt build up ,Then once the surface is dry we tape up all areas to protect brick work ,skirts etc , we apply 2 coats of paint to areas . remove tape and clean up . leaving it neat and tidy.

Q. How long will it last ?
A. The type of frequency of traffic , along with weather conditions all play a part in how long it will last but we at Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Concrete Painting Brisbane only use top quality paints from Dulux and give a 10 year warranty on all our work.

Q. what can we do to keep surfaces looking good
A. Keep drive way clean , wash drive with plain water to remove loose dirt, remove any spills quickly with absorbent cloth , don’t use solvents on surface.

We Service Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & The Gold Coast.

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