When Is It Time To Get My House Washed

Things get pretty dirty quickly if you live in Queensland.  Our weather is mostly sunny and hot with high humidity. Dust, mould and dirt is a common problem that most homeowners constantly have to deal with.  The dust and mould just seems to settle everywhere inside and outside your home whenever the lightest breeze floats about results in a lot of pollution which contributes to a lot of germs, mould, and dirt all over your home’s surface.  The dust, grime, and buildup caused by wind, factories and buildings can greatly affect your home’s overall appearance. Dust and dirt will collect in the brick work, over the entire surface of plastered and painted homes and grime will collect in any hard to reach areas of your home.  These areas also make fantastic homes for a lot of insects like wasps, spiders and much more. The only way to clean off the exterior of your house is through house washing.  House washing is quick if you use the correct cleaning solution and the use of soft washing will instantly remove all dust, grime, dirt, and insects, and spiders from your home’s surface and those tough to reach areas.  This is also a much greener cleaning solution since soft washing doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals to get the job done and these tools consume surprisingly little water while washing the entire exterior of your home.  When your home’s exterior is soft washed the paint looks a lot more vibrant, your home’s overall look is greatly improved, your home becomes a lot more hygienic and you naturally reduce the amount of dust and grime that is carried into the house by pets and people. Now you may wonder when the best time is to get the exterior of your house washed by Waterworx Pressure Cleaning?  Well this greatly depends on the cleaning needs of your home but most homeowners prefer to get their homes washed during the following times; roof Washing Gold Coast

Soft Wash Your Home Exterior Before You Go To Sell 

Soft house washing refreshes your home’s overall appearance and brings out the colour in your home as well as the surroundings.  If you want to get your home to sell quickly then you should get it soft washed on the outside before you take photographs for the advertisements.  The best time to take great photos of your house from the outside is while your home is still slightly damp. The dampness results in much more vibrant colouring and makes your home look a lot tidier and fresher which is perfect for advertising.  It is also important to get your home soft washed before you sell so interested people will be awed when they visit during house screenings.

Spring Is A Great Time For Exterior House Cleaning

Winter times can be incredibly dry and dusty. It is always best to wait until early spring before you give your home a proper exterior clean.  The best time to soft wash the exterior of your home is right after the first rain. Most of the dust will settle and your home will look brilliant for much longer.

Just Before Pest Control

Pests like ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes and more thrive in the hot climate of Queensland.  Residents constantly have to apply pest control in order to keep these creditors from taking over.  It can be good to get your home’s exterior cleaned out properly a few days before you arrange for pest control.  The home’s surface will be stripped of all dust and more so pesticides can cling better to the exterior of your home.  It is also important to never get your home pressure washed right after getting pest control so you won’t wash away the pesticides. It is, of course, a great idea to also get your home soft washed on the outside whenever you feel like your house is getting too dusty, dirty or whenever a lot of insects like spiders are constantly nesting against your house.  Regular home exterior cleaning will keep your home in great looking condition and will greatly improve you and your family’s health. Call us on Ph 0422814168 or fill out the free quotation form below.

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