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Cool Room Cleaning Services

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Cold rooms and cool rooms large and small


Cool room cleaning & cold store cleaning is a very time consuming and a specialised task, so using a professional cleaning company is recommended. We have many years experience in removing all mould, biological contaminants and waste safely and hygienically. We clean all areas of the cool room including refrigeration units, ceilings, walls, doors, fans, and rubber seals.

Regular or one-off cool room cleaning will maintain temperature and ensure that food is stored in a sterile manner at the correct temperature and free of mould contaminants. A clean cool room as a result will save money on energy through more efficient cooling.

We use specialized chemicals and commercial high and low pressure cleaning equipment to ensure we do the job right the first time.

Our Cleaning Processes

  • Vacuum cool room roof / freezer top & damp wipe
  • Clean all external walls, doors, handles, hinges, power points, switches, and seals
  • Clean, wipe and sanitize all internal walls, ceilings and light fittings
  • Mop and clean internal fixed and floating floors
  • Remove pallets to remove spillage, waste and rubbish
  • Vacuum around external motors, valves, controls, and fittings
  • Sanitize and clean all shelves and racking

Scheduled cleaning is recommended to ensure compliance with current legislation and also reduce overall costs.

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