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Welcome to Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & car park cleaning Ipswich. We have been serving the people of the Ipswich area and its suburbs since 2002 with the best professional car park cleaning services available. We clean residential, commercial and industrial car parks.

A dirty and cluttered car park in Ipswich looks unwelcoming and most of all may be dangerous!

First of all, regular scheduled maintenance is the best plan for commercial car park cleaning because it will  keep your car park looking clean and tidy most of all it will keep it safe from accidents.

Programmed maintenance may additionally have a beneficial impact on your public liability insurance resulting in lower insurance costs.

Lack of regular maintenance may lead to build up of dust, dirt, grease and oil. This not only looks grimy and shabby but also may leave dangerous oil droplets for people to slip on.

Good regular maintenance will minimise a build up of grime and grease, furthermore, it will reduce the risk of  accident for car park users.

Commercial car parks need to be kept clean, resulting in a safer environment for customers and staff, furthermore, a clean car parking area will demonstrate a higher level of professionalism of your business to your customers.

Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & car park cleaning Ipswich has a team of skilled car park cleaners who are kept updated with the latest cleaning techniques. Our team is equipped with the latest pressure cleaning equipment, as a result the job will be done quickly and efficiently. We are available 24*7 for your convenience and we also have emergency services. You can rest assured we are the best car park cleaning services in and around  Ipswich areas at affordable rates. Contact us on 0422814168 for a free quote.

We give you same day cleaning services and make you our priority. We do not believe in false promises and hidden costs.

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Our car park cleaning equipment is listed below, as a result we will clean your car park quickly and efficiently:

  • Mounted pressure washers powered by diesel as a result don’t require your mains electric.
  • Hotbox burners to produce hot water as required so we can apply hot pressure washing and steam cleaning.
  • Mounted hose reels for delivery of high pressure and application of de-greaser so we can reach anywhere on your property.
  • 1000 Litres capacity water tanks on board as a result access to your water in not essential
  • Generators to supply power for lighting and wet/dry vacuums so we can provide our own electric power when needed.
  • An extensive range of graffiti removal chemicals to tackle any surface
  • First aid and eye wash stations to protect our workers.
  • Fire extinguishers to ensure the safety of your property.


  • Sports Arenas/Stadiums/Grounds
  • Theaters/Cinemas, Concert Halls, Schools
  • Universities, Hospitals, Shopping Malls
  • Government Buildings, Libraries
  • Amusement Parks, Train Stations
  • Airports, Supermarkets, Bowling Alleys
  • Swimming Pools, Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels


  • Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Car Park Cleaning Ipswich is equipped with skilled cleaners and equipment for cleaning car parks. We offer efficient cleaning and are available 24*7 for inquiry.
  • Waterworx Pressure Cleaning & Car Park Cleaning Ipswich has invested in  the best car park cleaning machines available on the market, so that we can complete your car park cleaning job fast and efficiantly.
  • We value our reputation and client satisfaction and know the importance of time and money. Our promptness in service and efficiency on the job has built up a solid client base over the years.
  • We have a flexible schedule for cleaning on a daily, weekly, monthly basis so we can satisfy every one of our client’s needs.
  • We use non hazardous car park cleaning degreasers so you can be sure their is no danger to our staff or your customers.


Our car park cleaning specialist are easily contacted on 0422814168 or complete the form below

Car Park Cleaning, Ipswich

Call Scott today on PH 0422814168 or go to our contact us page for all your commercial pressure cleaning & car park cleaning needs. Free Quotes Commercial – Residential – Body Corporate.

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